experience and involvements

spiral galaxy
hello! this is a summary of all of my experiences and involvements in a variety of places, including research, clubs, volunteering, and other commitments and positions i've held. i've been involved with things like music organizations, large-scale community events, ai labs, and general volunteer efforts in california and montreal! if you're interested in reading more about my research in specific, feel free to head over to my research page!
current commitments

research intern - montreal institute for learning algorithma (mila) - since jan 2023

research intern under the supervision of professor mirco ravanelli. contributing to the speechbrain project,
researching large language models and their effect on automatic speech recognition systems.

podcast producer - mcgill ai society - starting august 2023

producing and creating podcast episodes for the mcgill ai society podcast. interviewing and speaking with
ai professionals and experts.

volunteer - ckut campus & community radio

volunteer in the music and outreach departments for ckut. i usually help with advertising the station and
promoting events, as well as creating programming! on april 17, i will be hosting an episode of underground
sounds, and on april 19, i will be hosting if you got ears! in the past, i've hosted two episodes of underground
sounds, both of which are available in ckut archives to listen! if you'd like to listen to any of my past episodes, check out my radio page!

past commitments

research intern - university of southern california institute for creative technologies (usc ict) - jan 2021 to jun 2022

i was previously a research intern at usc ict under the supervision of professor david traum working on
the scoutbot project, a system designed to communicate with us military soldiers and act as a scouting robot for unfamiliar territories. i
specifically researched enhancing its human-robot communicative capabilities with language modelling. this research was published at the language
resources and evaluation conference in 2022. if you'd like to learn more about it, head on over to my research page!

outreach director - los altos hacks - aug 2021 to aug 2022

i was the director of the outreach team for los altos hacks, an annual hackathon held in the bay area, which meant i was in charge of directing
a team of roughly seven team members in advertising and promoting los altos hacks. los altos hacks was, and still may be, the largest high school hackathon on the
west coast! los altos hacks vii happened recently, and the next season will be starting soon. if you'd like to learn more, check out losaltoshacks.com!

research intern - cyvision - jun 2020 to jun 2021

at cyvision, i worked on utilizing deep learning models for pupil detection for a driving assistance system.
in order to properly display holographic information on the windshield of an automobile, there needs to be information about where the eyes of a driver
are both situated and looking to, and a convolutional neural network is a simple model capable of this task. this research was presented at the society
for information display annual display week symposium in 2021, with information about that on my research page!

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