basically my resume

current commitments

Research Intern @ MILA (Quebec AI Institute) - Summer 2024
summer intern in professor siva reddy's nlp lab. i work on analyzing linguistic theories regarding post-verbal constituent shifting using language models.

Co-President @ McGill AI Society - 2024
what the title says. prior to this, i was on the podcast team in 2023.

past commitments

Research Intern @ MILA (Quebec AI Institute) - 2023
research intern in professor mirco ravanelli's lab. i worked on improving automatic speech recognition performance using generative language modelling.

Research Intern @ USC ICT - 2022
research intern under professor david traum, where i worked on comparing deep learning and rule-based approaches for human-robot interaction (spoiler: the rules won this one).

Research Intern @ CyVision - 2021
computer vision intern: i worked on training neural networks for pupil detection for an ar drivers assistance system.

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