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hiiii :)

i'm ada, a student living in montreal, quebec

i'm not yet finished with the site, but feel free to look around!!

this website is part of a webring!

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this is my cat, cal :3


this is my cat, vegas :3


hiii my name is ada, i am a third year computer science and linguistics student at mcgill university in montreal, quebec.

i'm into music, radio, computational linguistics, and making maps. i host shows for ckut radio 90.3 fm, which you can learn more about on my radio page. i'm also a research intern at mila in the mcgill nlp lab for summer 2024. if you're into maps and cartography, i have a (very unfinished) page with some stuff i've made.

info about projects i've been involved in/done on my own are on my projects page, and info about my research and working experience are on my experiences page.

i have a couple other pages you can explore as well, feel free to check those out. also, check out the websites of my amazing, fantastic, talented friends here!!

i also have two cats, both now pictured on this page! :))))

feel free to look around my website, and don't be scared to reach out for a chat or anything!